About us
Moving Families and Individuals Forward


Artis Transitions was founded in 2016, by Susan Artis-Venable. 


The mission of Artis Transitions, Inc is to support families in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County in their transformation from surviving to thriving as they transition from crisis to self-sufficiency. The mission is accomplished by ending the generational cycle of poverty using a whole-family approach through a maximum 2-year program of individualized transition management and community agency referrals that help families become self-sustaining using value-based care.




We meet families and provide referrals and management of priorities to empower their self-sustainability and reliance: 


Personal Safety - We ensure that families are safe from physical violence, environmental harm,threatening persons and intimate relationship violence through referrals to law enforcement.


Emotional/Behavioral Safety- We ensure that our families with Mental and Behavioral disturbances are given access to counseling and medical treatment with referrals to Augusta Medical, Arrow and New Directions. 


Housing - Stable housing is essential to family prosperity, independence and esteem. We secure referrals to temporary housing until families secure employment and are able to rent their own homes without public assistance. 


Employment - Through financial security our families are able to increase their personal safety, peace of mind, resilience and social esteem.